How to avoid making a contingent offer on a home

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Contingency Contracts | Real Estate Basics | Scott Parman While this contingency can eat into your net. the home before putting it on the market.

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Buying a house is a give-and-take process. But it’s more than just giving your money and taking the keys. The contract process is wrapped around a series of contingencies and disclosures.

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They can legally break free from real estate contracts if the other party doesn’t satisfy certain conditions. At the same time, contingencies can complicate a home sale process and keep an owner from selling a home. If you’re making a contingent offer, make sure your clause says exactly what you want it to say.

Make it a practice to see any home you’re interested in as soon as possible to avoid putting in offers on homes that are contingent or pending. One easy way to do this is to search for homes on Redfin , and then save the search so that you receive email updates when homes that match your criteria hit the market.

Bridge loans are an expensive option because you will pay loan fees. tap a Home Equity Line of Credit. Most lenders will not give you a home equity loan once your home is on the market, and a seller is not likely to accept a contingent offer unless your home is on the market. But it’s not a Catch-22.

Contingencies and disclosures are contract stipulations that serve the seller. Buying a Home: Making Offers. Making a contingent offer on a home.. Keep track of contingency deadlines so nothing sneaks up on you – and.

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Trying to buy a new home at the same time you’re selling your current house can be risky, particularly in a slow real estate market. It’s wise to include a house sale contingency in any offer to a.

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