MBS Day Ahead: There Are Only So Many Ways To Say It

MBS recap: mid-day weakness Leaves Bonds Unchanged MBS RECAP: Mid-Day Weakness Leaves Bonds Unchanged;. Mid-Day Weakness Leaves Bonds Unchanged. Posted To: MBS Commentary. In this morning’s Day Ahead , we discussed an hour-by-hour chart of several technical overlays for rates. The thesis was that this most recent rally (last Thursday through.

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That said, there are clearly some instances. but if it was only a modest amount of weakness, it would let us know that traders are re-allocating March’s bond selling into April’s bond buying. MBS.

Readers should note that so much of this is painful. There is hope, but it’s tempered with the fact that, not only are our two main characters damaged, they are surrounding themselves with people who may be even more damaged. What saved this from being five stars for me was the climax of everything. It has two issues for me: a) It was preachy.

By Matthew Graham Posted To: MBS Commentary There are only so many ways to say that bonds are range-bound and waiting for the motivation to break that range. Could it be the Fed Minutes today? Sure! But could the Fed Minutes also be a non-event that only prolongs the sideways indecision? Again, sure!

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Home closing: Avoid falling at the finish line Win By a Nose. This expression has spread to all different sports as a metaphor for a close contest even though a nose isn’t the first body part to cross the finish line in most human competitions.

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In other words, every so many years, stocks/bonds/growth/everything takes a. Of course, it’s not necessarily our destiny to end up in said trough, but there’s no sane way to rule out the.

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