MBS RECAP: Nice Gains More About Europe Than Fed

The Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index is a market-value-weighted index of taxable investment-grade fixed-rate debt issues, including government, corporate, asset-backed, and mortgage backed securities, with maturities of one year or more. The 1-3 year, 5-7 year, and 10+ year indexes are all components of the broad U.S. Aggregate Bond.

Philly Fed (Th. Since recent market gains assume trump tax cuts, etc. the stock rally is threatened. This is certainly a big story, but it is not yet a market story. The Comey firing is “more of a.

MBS RECAP: Nice Gains More About Europe Than Fed;. May 23, 2018 Comments Off on MBS RECAP: Nice Gains More About Europe Than Fed. Posted To: MBS Commentary. Bonds surged to significantly stronger levels in the presence of the Fed Minutes today. Any time we see strong gains on a day with a Fed.

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Gains that the current Fed’s interest rate overreach is arguably stifling. But this communications issue is made even worse by the hair-trigger, headline hunting machines that blast massive sell orders into the server farms run by the major exchanges.

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The Fed’s Balance Sheet. While the market was not expecting any major announcements on the balance sheet, it got them nonetheless, providing more specificity and detail than most had expected. The Fed announced that they would: End the securities portfolio unwind at end Sept ’19.

 · To recap the big news from the FOMC meeting three weeks ago, the statement removed language showing that the Fed was concerned about global-market risks to the US economy. As expected, the FOMC.

After that, the Fed will likely hold the size of the portfolio "roughly constant for a time," which will allow reserve balances to gradually decline. Beginning in October, the Fed will roll its maturing holdings of mortgage-backed securities into Treasuries, using a cap of $20 billion per month.

Posted To: MBS Commentary Bonds surged to significantly stronger levels in the presence of the Fed Minutes today. Any time we see strong gains on a day with a Fed release, chances are the Fed is behind the move. Incidentally, that’s NOT the case today (spoiler in the headline, I know). So how did Europe [.]